Sunday, January 11, 2009


"In search of peace (Shanti) people visit temples, recite devotional songs (Kirtan), and attend all sorts of clubs; however, while these activities do provide temporary relief, everlasting peace remains elusive. Why is it so? The cause of this disharmony (Ashanti) is impurities surrounding Atman. In yogic language it is described in three words:


Impressions accumulated over time create a veil that covers Atman (soul) and impurities darken our inner core (Antahkaran => mind, intellect and ego). As a result, the separation between the individual soul and supreme soul occurs. Being disconnected from the source of eternal peace, individuals are unable to achieve everlasting peace.

Guru Maharaj taught us a process by which the three (Mala, Vikshep, and Avarana) may be removed. By adhering to this process, the bounded self gets cleansed and everlasting peace is achieved.

Guru Maharaj presented a spiritual practice (Sadhana) of inner Satsang to achieve this state of everlasting peace by removing Mala, Vikshep, and Avarana. The process helps us firstly turning our attention inwards, focusing it internally and then gradually cleansing the bounded self of Mala, Vikshep, and Avarana. Once this process of purification is completed our connection with the ultimate source of energy or that of individual soul to supreme soul is established.

Thereafter regular practice of inner Satsang ensures that the inner core stays clean and we are not covered by veil of ignorance. In due course by the grace of Guru (God) you will enjoy everlasting peace and achieve the state of self-realization, the ultimate goal of human life. In a short period of time you will notice that your attention is turning inward, you are feeling the presence of Guru (God) and you are connecting to the source of eternal peace. All we need to do is to follow the process as established by Guru Maharaj." - Param Pujya Sri Hemendra Kumar Ji

"Firstly, Guru Maharaj's message, teachings, grandeur, and the core Sadhana must be presented in its true form. His discourses and articles have been published in various books and must be explained correctly. The essentials of Guru Maharaj's teachings in a few words are, "While enjoying the life of a family man in accordance with the prescribed duties, find little time towards God-realization. Half an hour dedicated towards this process in the morning and same in the evening would suffice. According to your capability, you can increase it." You visit a doctor to discuss your physical ailments and in turn, he gives you medical advice and prescribes treatment. You do not get into discussion of spiritualism with your M.D. In the same manner, discuss matters relevant to spiritual uplifting, God-realization, and the likes with your spiritual Guru." - Param Pujya Sri Brijendra Kumar Ji

The above-mentioned forms the foundation of this blog.

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