Sunday, September 4, 2011


उपासना की नवीन शैली


(The following is a liberal translation of an article by PP Sri Dr. Brijendra Kumar Ji. This was prepared by Sri Pradip Kumar Ji for our 9/4/11 weekly Satsang).

The era we are living in has seen sweeping changes. It has awakened from sleep, got up and ready to move. It wants to move forward, the glory of past is alluring it; the vision of future is calling out to it, it dreams anew everyday and goes forth with realizing them. It is refining its intellectual skills day by day for the advancement of life, for the prosperity and happiness in life, for uplift of the society. Amidst these endeavors it also hears the talk of spirituality; it also hears that all its efforts will do no real good without spiritual knowledge. For striking this balance between spiritual and worldly needs it thinks about turning to UPASANA but based on what it has heard and seen it doesn’t even dare to follow the path of UPASANA.

We read in books, hear from sages that SELF cannot be realized without LOVE, Knowledge of Truth cannot be attained without cleansing of inner core. Everyone says - love God, purify mind, practice simplicity. But who wants discomfort for His sake. When in this attractive age of science where we are provided with new means of external pleasures on a daily basis then who would want to turn away from these external objects and choose to look inwards; who would want to purify and focus his mind? The reality of it is that we don’t even have a slight desire to seek UPASYA (object of worship GURU or GOD). Even after realizing the need of UPASANA (worship) we don’t want to become UPASAK (worshipper). Glitter of materialism and its colorful dreams have captivated us so much that searching UPASYA is becoming impossible. If UPASYA itself comes by seeking us then that’s a different matter. Today’s men unlike the seekers of past is not ready to wander in search of GURU. In fact he does not really understand its importance then what for should he bother? Some have fallen to the extent that they cannot even distinguish between right and wrong, they never have any remorse (GLANI) about their lives, then why should they seek the benefactor of fallen? In this strange mental state our world is actually wandering in darkness.

Today we need someone who can wake these people from their slumber of ignorance; Saint and SADGURU should go door to door and call them rather than waiting for them to show up at their door steps. In today’s difficult circumstances UPASYA will have to search the seekers, he will have to himself worship them, from time to time attract them towards himself; somehow win over their hearts. The saint, the sadguru must uplift them by his compassion and strength. He will have to show his love and high-mindedness instead of considering their worthiness. New era desires this; it is the greatest demand of the day. Only those saints, those GURUs, those missions who can do this will be able to open the doors of UPASANA, world is waiting for them, era is calling upon them. What has been said in KATHOPANISHAD applies “The self is realized neither through discourses nor by intellect, nor by listening a lot; rather it could be realized only through those whom it accepts because to him that Self reveals its true form”. It is an established fact that the saints are god in human form; if they reveal themselves then we can get some sense of god. From the mouth of true saints are uttered the words of god, love of god is reflected in their daily life, from their knowledge comes true knowledge. If we find true saints then UPASANA will happen.

According to yoga philosophy, “Yoga or self realization occurs when Chitta (the field of consciousness) is liberated from its Vrittis (patterned and restrictive various instabilities and spinning). Then the mind abides in the domain of Nirodha (innate clear essentiality - in clarified spaciousness devoid of any conditioned bias, tilt, or spin)”. But that is no child’s play. It is considered the greatest human exertion, but ironically human exertion doesn’t really work in the matters of self-realization. Queen Meera, Blind Soor, Nimai, Shankar, Lord Buddha and countless others; all the devotees were called by that flute player (Lord Krishna, GURU) himself. According to “Only those to whom you reveal yourself may know you” someone had drawn them to him, someone has shown a glimpse of self to them. That is if once one had seen the other side this side doesn’t interest him anymore. As if in the state of trance the UPASAK runs to the UPASYA, but before this happens who wants to put his life on line? What worldly comforts were not available to queen Meera? What was not afforded to Nimai? Buddha had all the comforts but as soon as they got that glimpse, as soon as they realized what was missing, they left everything and didn’t want anything but to be with him.

Today we need precisely that. We cannot on our own move our attention away from others to call upon him; we cannot practice the ASHTANGA YOGA, Chant, austerity, and pilgrimages also don’t suit us, we need someone who is able to transform us by his own power so that we start worshipping him. A Persian poet has put it aptly: “My heart is so occupied with the thought of my beloved that the thought of my own being has escaped my mind”. The truth is also this: ego or our sense of being does not go by itself, it goes only after the self is realized. If a powerful GURU implants the thought of god in our heart then the whole process will be completed; then the passion to meet him will continue to grow day by day and the goal of UPASANA will be achieved. We need this new style, new method.

In our SATSANG this new method is being used. Param Pujya Guru Maharaj’s boundless kindness has given birth to this new method. Here seeker is not asked to chant or practice austerity, neither is the seeker asked to follow difficult process. Seeker is merely asked to spend 15-20 minutes every morning and evening in the company of SAT devoting rest of his time attending to his duties and living a comfortable life. In this system along with the efforts of seeker, power of the guide also helps. Using his own powers GURU uplifts the seeker, moves him forward, removes the obstacles from his path, cleans his inner core and helps in concentrating the seeker’s mind. And one day delivers him at the door steps of god. In this new method seeker only needs to establish connection with the GURU: this connection is initially established in person and later can be done just by thought. In our system main focus is on inner SATSANG, by doing just this, in very few days seeker turns inward and attains those powers that are not attained by years of difficult practices by those who go it alone using only their own power. All this is achieved with relative ease and quickly with the help of almighty power of GURU. From time to time SATSANG programs are organized at various places where seekers can practice in larger groups. The message has reached and helped many in India and around the globe. By the grace of PUJYA GURUDEV (PARAM SANT Shri Dr. Chaturbhuj Sahaya Ji) world has received such an easy, effective and powerful system that there seems to be no impediment to self-realization. We all should take advantage of this system.


  1. who is the current guru afer demise of hemant bhai....

  2. U can see who is the guru just attend a bhandara. Secondly u will get the answer in ur heart. The person to whom ur heart strings pull u is obviously the one whom u should connect with. But please remember that Guru is not the physical body. It is power, just as God is power. If u have connected to Param Pujya Brahmaleen Param Sant Shri Hemendra Kumar Ji then u should continue to remain connected to Him. He is with you always just believe He is with u. But you need someone elder to talk to and look upto. For that just see to whom ur heart strings pull you. Judge it for yourself. There is however a tradition followed in spiritual circles that one should report to the Guru's son after the physical absence of the Guru. I think this much should suffice. My email id is